Initialize NZ Programme Attendance Terms and Conditions

In order for our programmes to run smoothly and safely, we ask that all students and parents/guardians agree to the following Terms and Conditions for our classes. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Student agreement:

  1. I agree to act respectfully towards other students, teachers, and community members while attending Initialize classes and understand that if my behaviour causes concern I may be withdrawn from the programme.

  2. I understand that things shared and discussed during the class are confidential, but that if anything is disclosed that brings up safety concerns for myself or others, the teacher is legally obliged to notify my parent/guardian or appropriate agencies.

Parent/legal guardian agreement:

  1. I declare that all information in the student registration form is correct and that Initialize NZ will be notified of any changes to this information.

  2. I will ensure that the teacher is notified as soon as possible if my child will be late to a class or has to miss a class.

  3. I understand that students are only under teacher supervision during the student’s allocated class time and that Initialize NZ teachers cannot be responsible for students outside of allocated class times.

  4. I understand that to ensure student safety, students should be picked up immediately after the class finishes.

  5. I understand that regular class attendance is important in order for all students to get the most out of the programme. I understand that if attendance becomes too low (if the student misses more than 2 classes) there is the possibility that the student will be withdrawn from the programme.

  6. I understand that health and safety is important to Initialize NZ and that Initialize strives to provide a safe environment for students. However I understand that in the event of accident or injury to person, or loss or damage to property, Initialize cannot be held responsible.

  7. I understand that what students share during classes is confidential, but that if anything is disclosed that brings up safety concerns for the student or others, the teacher is legally obliged to notify the parent/legal guardian or appropriate agencies.

  8. I confirm that I am the parent or legal guardian of the registering student and give my permission for them to attend the selected Initialize NZ drama-based youth development programme.

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Thank you!