About us

Initialize, in affiliation with Youthline, provides drama-based youth development and leadership classes for young people aged 12 to 18 throughout Auckland. You can find out more about our partnership with Youthline here. We are passionate about getting more young people involved in creative projects that inspire, empower, and equip them for a world where emotional literacy and leadership skills are in high demand. 

mission statement

To use drama as a medium through which young people can explore areas of personal development including self confidence, self awareness, empathy for oneself and others, awareness of diverse life experiences, and interpersonal communication skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Why improv?

Improvisational drama invites students to explore their thoughts and feelings as they arise, inspiring trust and collaboration. Our classes use improvisational drama as the basis for our end-of-term performances. This method of constructing drama is known as collective creation, or devised theatre. We believe that this method allows students to explore the class topics experientially and at a deep level.

Ultimately our classes aim to provide our students with skills for a world where emotional awareness and conflict management skills are in high demand both in the business sector and in daily life.



Our class discussions and performance pieces are student-generated. Through encouraging self-reflection and collaboration, we aim to empower students to explore new and creative ways to express themselves and explore their potential both as actors and as people.


We aim to resource our students with tools and techniques such as assertive communication, giving and receiving strengths-based feedback, active listening, and using “I” statements. These emotional literacy skills resource young people to better express their emotions and build relationships with others.


We aim to inspire our students to explore their creative potential through sharing their experiences, thoughts, feelings and ideas in a supportive team environment.

Our classes aim to generate discussions and drama pieces that encourage our students not only to grow as people, but also to be inspired to look at how they might themselves effect positive change within their own communities.