Drama classes for ages 12-18

 We don’t teach drama. We let drama teach us. 

Our classes use drama as a medium through which students can explore interpersonal communication skills, self-awareness, and team building in a fun and supportive environment.

These core personal development skills lay the foundation for a sense of confidence, self-worth, and self-efficacy. Strong leadership ability is built on these skills.


WHy improv?

We believe that personal development and leadership skills are best learned experientially.

The improvisational drama methods used in our classes allow students to explore key personal development skills in a playful and supportive environment.

Our drama pieces are created organically and collaboratively by students, using an improvisational drama method known as devised theatre, or collaborative creation. Using this method allows students to explore class topics experientially and at a deeper level than written or discussion-based learning.

Find out more about us here.


Our free pilot programme

We are launching our free pilot programme for ages 12-18 in February 2019.

Fully subsidised for successful applicants. Limited spaces available. Find out more here.


Our affiliation with youthline

Initialize is privileged to be working in affiliation with Youthline to support and empower young New Zealanders. Find out more about our affiliation with Youthline here.

We donate 10% of all profit to Youthline.