Our classes

Initialize uses improvisational drama methods, in particular devised theatre, to develop emotional literacy and leadership skills in a way that feels creative and playful. Devised theatre is a collaborative and improvisational form of drama creation where drama pieces are organically created based on a theme or topic.

Our classes cover different topics every term, such as:


Active listening

Giving and receiving strengths-based feedback


judgements & projection

“I” statements

Recognising and managing emotional triggers

Assertive communication

Class activities include theatre sport games, topic discussions, brainstorms and drama coaching. These activities set the groundwork for the devised theatre pieces that are created by students and showcased to family, friends and whanau at our end-of-term performances.

Find out more about our class times and locations here.

Speech and drama skills

Alongside the emotional literacy and leadership skills that our classes foster we ensure that students are taught core speech and drama skills, including:

Projection & articulation

Giving and receiving technique-based feedback

Stage Presence & body language

Effectively communicating an idea or topic

Audience engagement

Personal development

We define personal development as getting to know ourselves better and being known better by others.

Through knowing ourselves better - that is, by being more aware of our thoughts, feelings and responses -  we can develop more control over how we respond to and are affected by people and situations in the future. And through being known by others - that is, sharing more of our thoughts and feelings with others - we can develop closer connections and build stronger relationships.  


We believe that leadership is demonstrated through having the emotional literacy and communication skills needed to collaborate with others to reach a common goal. Before we can lead others, we first need to know ourselves.



Your first trial class is free of charge, and there is absolutely no obligation to continue if our classes are not the right fit for you.

Please note that the free trial class offer only applies to new students. Returning students are eligible to refer a friend to join our classes and receive 25% off the term fee (see below).

Standard term fee is $170.00 per 10-week term. Our standard classes run for 90 minutes. First term is $153.00 with free trial lesson.

Term fees are to be paid before the term commences.

“Bring a friend” term fee discount

 Bring a friend along! Refer a someone to our classes and you will each receive 25% off your term payment. Please note the name and age of the person you are referring/being referred by in the notes section of your registration. Apply here.

Referred student may attend a different class time/location. Referred student must be new to Initialize classes. For new students, the 25% discount applies once the free trial class has been deducted from the term fee.


If after attending the first three classes of the term you decide that Initialize classes are not quite the right fit for you, we will happily give you a full refund for the term.


We understand that paying term fees in advance can be simply unaffordable for some families. We offer a weekly payment plan if you would like to stagger your payments throughout the term. Please note this request in the messages section when you are registering.


We have limited full and partial scholarships available. You can apply here.


End-of-term performances

Our end-of-term performances give students a chance to share what they have learnt over the term with family, friends and whanau. It provides a common goal for students to work towards throughout the term and an opportunity to put into practice the drama skills they have developed over the term.

Prospective students and their families are welcome to come along to our end-of-term performances to get a taste of what our classes entail and to meet with our teachers and students.

Please enquire here if you are interested in attending one of our next performances.